Vasil Kisil & Partners Successful in Court for Wikimedia Ukraine

Vasil Kisil & Partners Successful in Court for Wikimedia Ukraine

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Vasil Kisil & Partners has successfully represented Wikimedia Ukraine in court in a dispute related to the recognition and refutation of a blog post as false.

According to Vasil Kisil & Partners, in July 2020, Wikimedia Foundation company Wikimedia Ukraine published a blog post on the activities of Wikipedia Ukraine, a newly established organization with no legal connection to the Wikimedia Foundation.

According to the firm, "the material was intended to explain that Wikipedia Ukraine was not authorized to use the Wikipedia trademark and violated the community rules, in particular, by offering to place articles on Wikipedia for pay, without labeling them as paid content." Wikipedia Ukraine filed a claim against Wikimedia Ukraine asking the court to declare the post as false.

The court found that "the statements made in the publication are true, due account should be taken of the local rules of, which set out terms and conditions of blocking the users and using the trademark Wikipedia, and electronic confirmations that the persons referred to in the publication were blocked," the firm informed. "Therefore, the court dismissed the claim and awarded legal fees against Wikipedia Ukraine."

The Vasil Kisil & Partners team included Attorneys-at-Law Ilarion Tomarov and Daria Romashchenko.